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3Dsurvey is a reliable and comprehensive surface mapping application. It is a full-featured digital survey suite with the latest photogrammetry processing tools and capabilities to cover all your data collection, processing, and sharing needs in one package. It is an ideal tool for planning your missions and automatically taking photos along with GPS data. The program provides you with many pictures of different parts of a particular area and finally allows you to get a map of that area. It uses a powerful image processing engine to help you process images. It obtains their intersection points and finally intelligently combines these images into an accurate and complete map of the area.

3DSurvey is an impressive application that uses the latest technology to help you achieve professional results with unrivaled quality while being flexible enough to ensure greater productivity, faster task completion, and a work environment that you will thoroughly enjoy. It also includes a wide range of accurate gadgets to help you easily and accurately calculate the area or volume of a given area. You only need to import the correct images into the app. This product is the result of continuous teamwork with customer feedback on 300 different projects.

The software also features in-flight 3D data processing and 3D measurement, bone image generation, one-click volume calculation, fully 3D digital terrain modeling, professional survey map calculation, a built-in report wizard, and exportable results to any CAD or GIS software. The data is processed automatically based on suitable algorithms. The program supports work with any digital camera, DSLR or GoPro. The user interface is simple and easy to use, and it is easily accessible to everyone, whether they are beginners or professionals, and it is designed to help you improve it without special training.

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3Dsurvey is professional photogrammetry, mapping, and analysis software for surveying professionals. Any drone, any camera. Manipulate 2D images and create high-density 3D point clouds, textured patterns, orthographic images, and topographic maps. Measure from photographs, calculate quantities and monitor earthworks. Extract terrain features and automatically classify datasets. 3Dsurvey supports GPS, GNSS, UK, and ground control points to help you achieve global centimeter-level accuracy. Use 3Dsurvey to seamlessly combine photogrammetry with conventional measurements, ground scanners, total stations, LiDAR, and thermal and multispectral imagery.

3Dsurvey is a reliable and comprehensive surface mapping application. It is a complete suite of digital surveyors with the latest image measurement tools and functions to meet all your data collection, processing, and sharing needs in one package. It is an ideal tool for planning your mission and taking pictures automatically using GPS data. Moreover, the user can easily calculate the volume/area of a given area. All it takes is producing high-quality GoPro footage on a short-flying drone or bird. It can operate as a helicopter to cover high altitudes and plains. Provides accurate results and log files to keep track of everything. Professional developers of this product are constantly improving the visualization capabilities of the device.

The software gives you a lot of pictures of different parts of a particular area and finally lets you get a map of that area. It uses a powerful image processing engine to help you process images. It captures its intersections and finally intelligently combines these images into an accurate and comprehensive map of the area. The program supports working with any DSLR or GoPro digital camera. The interface is simple and easy to use, and it is easily accessible to everyone, whether they are beginners or professionals, and it is designed to help you modify it without any specialized training.

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3Dsurvey File Extension is enough to capture webcam images of similar quality. It is still necessary to generate images of the analyzed area with either the compatible device coupled to a quadcopter or a birdwatching lens. Linked cameras can be used to maneuver the helicopter with joystick shots as it slowly hops through mountains or flies at great heights to take desired photos. The company’s reliability has already been greatly improved with the great efforts of the 3Dsurvey driver’s license development group. The ability to render hardware, the quality of the image processor, and the output of the programmer are all improved by the company’s experienced programmers.

Because using 3Dsurvey to somehow manage the path of the lizard does not require the use of network activity. You only need to select the appropriate image again for the tool. The full version of the 3Dsurvey is enough to take photos with a camera of sufficient quality. The only alternative is to create terrain images that are processed with a GoPro camera attached to a drone or a bird’s eye lens. In fact, with the camera attached, you can move the helicopter step by step using the control surfaces and you don’t have to climb mountains and high altitudes to get the desired picture.

3Dsurvey development team can greatly improve product accuracy. Professional manufacturers of this product are still increasing the system display capability, improving the image processing accuracy and software output. Please note that using a 3Dsurvey no longer requires daily documentation to navigate the flight. Just enter a suitable image for the application. Our crack team works day and night to improve the accuracy of the software. Our professional development team is still busy with machine vision and also image resolution processing and final product output.




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3DSurvey patch app portable configuration larger 3DSurvey room bug fix operating system removable configuration greater 3DSurvey studio. The 3DSurvey remains the preferred choice. It is used to create images that are retrieved by the Karma camera mounted on the quadcopter or from where the bird advertisement starts shooting. Also, you don’t need log files for navigation purposes. Just insert your favorite photos into the app and get the photo result instantly.

3Dsurvey Keygen is an advanced tile measuring toolbox for working. Users can use this app to post a lot of pictures of the site’s unique features and then get a representation of that area. Using an algorithm of image processing, the software meticulously analyzes each image within the received image, identifies its transitions, and then combines an intelligent combination of these images to create a complete and accurate representation of both locations. So we had to hope for further development of this software in the future.

Please note that you do not need a flight path log file to use 3Dsurvey. The team that developed 3Dsurvey License Key has been able to greatly improve the accuracy of the product. You only need to enter a valid photo for the application. However, please note that 3Dsurvey does require the use of log files to navigate the bird’s path. The accuracy of image processing and the operation of the program. This application is the result of our team who are engaged in this project 24/7 to provide the best service to the people.

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3Dsurvey is a comprehensive urban planning application. With this application, you can place a large number of images in different parts of a region and finally get a guide to that region. On top of that, the app processes each close-up photo with its image processing engine, which brings the photos closer together and finally adds the perfect blend of these into an accurate and comprehensive location guide. Captured with a cool camera. Simply photograph the area covered by the GoPro about the robot or bird’s pivot point.

Read & Download: SolidWorks.

For this application to work properly, it is enough to provide photos with a relatively high-quality camera. All you have to worry about is taking photos of the area you want, which is solved with a GoPro camera attached to a drone or helicopter. You can move a gun level around an area without scrolling up and down, and take shots with a camera attached to it. The software development team has invested a lot of strength and energy in improving product accuracy. Professional programmers of this product continue to improve the visual capabilities of the machine and increase the accuracy of image processing and output.

3Dsurvey is a complete software solution for mapping the Earth’s surface. With this software, you can give many pictures of different parts of a particular area and eventually get a map of that area. The program, in fact, processes each of the incoming images with a single image processing engine, collects the points of their intersection and, in the end, by combining these snapshots, accurately and smoothly presents the final map of the area. offer you. With this program, you can easily calculate the area or volume of a given area.

What is 3Dsurvey?

3Dsurvey is a process that involves the transition from the real object to its representation, leading to the definition of graphic models through a cultural process aimed at a critical reading of the object and its description. 3D and 2D models that can describe the object at the proper viewing scale 3Dsurvey is photogrammetric software for 2D image processing. ..They collect data with any drone, any camera, and with the 3Dsurvey software they can create their 3D point clouds, 3Dsurvey is undoubtedly a breakthrough in the field of image processing. There are many levels of detail in 3D surveys and models are the most basic form of existing structure displayed on a 3D digital model. In general, these types of models are used to:

  • Conceptual design
  • Creating shadow diagrams
  • Conceptual cost estimation
  • Conceptual rough plans
  • coordination of large objects
  • basic design
  • Allows easy 3D understanding of site conditions
  • Energy Calculation Estimates




3DSurvey Keys Features 2023:

  • 3D dense point cloud:
  • The basis for further processing, reconstruction, and modeling
  • digital terrain model:
  • Also a detailed overview of the terrain configuration, with all geo-references and spatial orientation
  • Volume calculation:
  • Calculate the volume of excavated materials, quarries, and open mines and quantify volume changes, along with a detailed overview of the terrain composition.
  • orthotics:
  • Precise digital imaging of bone
  • Elevation and Ground Mapping:
  • An essential component of flood risk management and spatial planning
  • Profile lines and cross sections:
  • One-click account profile viewing and reporting
  • Contour lines:
  • More 3D and 2D contour maps are essential components of any geodetic or topographic map.
  • 3D spatial measurements:
  • Users can manipulate, erase or scale any detail.
  • Visualization and application of 3D data:
  • Also give complete freedom to compare different designs, move and also rotate or overlay different models or data clouds – useful for large-scale planning and drilling projects.
  • Multispectral Image Processing:
  • NDVI mapping, producing multispectral orthogonal images used in agriculture – precision farming – for chemical analysis of soil and plant matter to improve crop yields.
  • Thermal Image Processing:
  • Thermoreferencing images are used in the building industry to also calculate and visualize heat loss and verify energy efficiency.

What’s New 3DSurvey?

  • Any camera, Nikon, or camcorder unit can be used with this mount.
  • Use any quadcopter to take aerial photos of the landscape or check out our extensive options.
  • Swipe someone on the viewfinder and lens photos in the first place.
  • Complete control over contrasting, moving, rotating, and overlaying operations for different groups of products or information flows – ideal for large-scale design and construction developments.
  • The COFI tracer generated with vegetation indices is still used in various fields of agriculture – precision horticulture – to analyze growing plant components of advanced farming systems.
  • The hyperspectral orthotropic image appears to be a method for calculating and visualizing heat resistance and monitoring fuel economy in architecture.

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System Requirements:

  • Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 (64-bit only – all editions)
  • 3.0 GHz or faster processor
  • 4 GB RAM (memory)
  • 900 MB free hard disk space available
  • OpenGL 4.4 or above
  • 1024 x 768 display
  • 4.0 GB VRAM


Transform your data into accurate digital maps, 3D models, and interactive measurements Import raw data from any compatible source and recreate natural environments in digital form. Create and process accurate point clouds with automated classification. Produce high-resolution almanac images, realistic surface models, contour maps, spatial measurements, and more fully customizable survey grade outputs.

  • Accurate results at the survey level
  • Powerful processing engine
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use experience
  • Highly compatible, turnkey solution for AutoCAD

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